Standing Committees

Audit:  The Audit Committee monitors and audits the financial performance of the Association.
Awards, & Citations: Recommends to the Board of Directors appropriate recognition to individuals, agencies and organizations for outstanding or significant contributions in the area of Emergency Management based on the criteria established by the Board of Directors. Upon approval of the board, makes known the promotion of achievements, accomplishments, purposes and goals of the Association to the public, the media, and other organizations.
  • Suzie Helbert
  • Michael Keatts
  • Creig Moore (ex-officio)
  • Brian Pierce (IHE Representative)
  • Erin Sutton
  • Robert Truoccolo
  • Neal Turner (Chair)
Certification (Professional Development): Oversees the implementation of the VEMA certification program, including:maintaining a set of requirements, knowledge, skills, and abilities, that warrants certification and reviewing applications for emergency management certification levels and selecting those that meet the certification requirements.
Constitution & By-Laws: The Constitution & By-Laws Committee ensures the Association Constitution and By-Laws are maintained, current and accurately reflect the vision, structure, purpose and policies of the Association.
  • Dawn Brantley
  • Jeff Fletcher (Chair)
  • Milton Franklin (IHE Representative)
  • Paul Helmuth
  • Scott Hudson
  • Karen Lovely
  • Jennifer Maul (ex-officio)
  • Corey Smedley
Legislative: Recommends to the Board of Directors appropriate and legislative needs, issues, and activities for the Association to be involved in. Recommendations must be within the realm of Emergency Management and consistent with the goals and philosophy of the Association.

VEMA Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes August 29, 2016
VEMA Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes September 19, 2016
VEMA/VDEM Fall Forum and Legislative Committee Discussion
Navigating the General Assembly

Membership and Marketing: The Membership and Marketing Committee provides and oversees marketing strategies for the Association in order to increase membership and to provide knowledge of the Association to other agencies, associations, businesses, and individuals.

  • Tamara DelRosario
  • Tracie Giles (IHE Representative)
  • Ginger Gutting
  • Scott Hudson
  • Sherri Laffoon (Chair)
  • Creig Moore (ex-officio)
  • Danielle Progen
  • Robert Truoccolo
Nominations Committee: Responsible for soliciting nominees from the membership, confirming interest and qualifications of candidates, and making recommendations to the membership for nominees to serve as officers of the Association.
Scholarship: The Scholarship Committee administers the Slayton E. Addison Jr. College Scholarship, the Grace Tressler Symposium Scholarship, and the Gordon Barwell PEM Certification Scholarship Programs.
Symposium: Responsible for the planning, development, coordination, promotion, administration and oversight of the Annual Conference / Symposium.
  • Walter English
  • Will Flagler
  • Robert Foresman (Co-Chair)
  • Bobby Gelormine
  • Tonya Johnson - VDEM POC
  • Bo Keeney - Finance Section Chief
  • Paul Manno
  • Jennifer Maul - Operations Section Chief
  • Justin Miller (IHE Representative)
  • Kelly Myers - VEMA Planning Section Chief
  • John Northon (Co-Chair)
  • Michelle Oblinsky - VDEM Planning Section Chief
  • Bruce Sterling
  • Hui-Shan Walker
Program Sub-Committee:
  • Kenneth Clark
  • Judy Cooling
  • Allison Farole
  • Will Flagler (Co-Chair)
  • Alexa Hussar
  • Tonya Johnson
  • Michelle Oblinsky
  • Bill Sammler
  • Bruce Sterling (Co-Chair)
  • Neal Turner

Networking/Social Planning Sub-Committee:

  • Allison Farole
  • Sara Harrington
  • Doug Jones
  • Rick Opett (Golf)
  • Lauren Opett (Off-site Networking)
  • Danielle Progen (Chair)
  • Jonathan Simmons

Ad Hoc and Appointments

Fall Forum (Ad Hoc Committee):

  • Sara Harrington
  • Tonya Johnson (VDEM Conference Staff)
  • Chad Loftis
  • Jennifer Maul (Co-Chair)
  • Patrick Patrong (Co-Chair)

Professional Development (Ad Hoc Committee):

  • Heather Gordon
  • Scott Hudson (chair)
  • Alexa Hussar
  • Kelly Myers
  • Lauren Stienstra

VEMA Rep. Appointment for National Weather Service’s StormReady board:

  • Robert Foresman, Henrico County