Past Presidents

2021 Bobby Gelormine, Chesapeake Fire Department
2020 Robert Foresman, Virginia Department of Health
2019 Robert Foresman, Henrico County Division of Fire
2018  Walter English, City of Fairfax Emergency Management
2017  Walter English, City of Fairfax Emergency Management
2016  Michelle Oblinsky, Virginia Department of Emergency Management
2015  Michelle Oblinsky, Chesterfield County
2014  Mark Penn, City of Alexandria
2013  Sara Ruch, City of Hampton
2012  Ken Rudnicki, City of Fairfax
2011  Ken Rudnicki, City of Fairfax
2010  James Davis, County of Pittsylvania
2009  Hui-Shan Walker, City of Chesapeake
2008  Hui-Shan Walker, City of Chesapeake
2007  Doug Young, City of Danville
2006  Doug Young, City of Danville
2005  Thomas Hassler, Jefferson Labs - Private Industry
2004  Thomas Hassler, Jefferson Labs - Private Industry
2003  Tom Hajduk, Prince William County
2002  Tom Hajduk, Prince William County
2001  Larry E. Smith, Essex County
2000  Larry E. Smith, Essex County
1999  R. Christian Eudailey, Spotsylvania County
1998  R. Christian Eudailey, Spotsylvania County
1997  Lynda Furr, Chesterfield County
1996  Lynda Furr, Chesterfield County
1995  R. David Laurell, Campbell County
1994  J. Lawrence Gallaher, New Kent County
1993  J. Lawrence Gallaher, New Kent County
1992  Fred Vanous, Stafford County
1991  Donald E. Brown, Portsmouth (Deceased)
1990  Joe A. Mellender, Fairfax
1989  Fred Vanous, Stafford County
1988  W.R. Britton, Powhatan County (Deceased)
1987  Robert Brown, Hopewell
1986  Robert Brown, Hopewell
1985  Randolph Smith, Salem
1984  Robert M. Martin, Lynchburg
1983  Richard Nalle, Culpeper County
1982  Wendy Quesenberry, Dinwiddie County
1981  Jeanie Giles, Ashland
1980  Jeanie Giles, Ashland
1979  Russell Lowry, Jr., James City County (Deceased)
1978  Robert R. Scott, Spotsylvania County
1977  Selby C. Jacobs, Prince William County
1976  Francis E. Pittman, Newport News (Deceased)
1975  Francis E. Pittman, Newport News (Deceased)
   Charles Story, Prince George County
1974  Ronnie Dower, Charlottesville
1973  James M. Wagenbach, Franklin (Deceased)
1972  Lawrence Kiser, Scott County (Deceased)
1971  Calvin Robinson, Culpeper County (Deceased)
1970  John Stover, Bristol
1969  C.P. Rea, Danville (Deceased)
1968  James C. Kelly, Hanover County (Deceased)
1967  Warren E. Trent, Roanoke (Deceased)
1966  Warren E. Trent, Roanoke (Deceased)
1965  Russell Franks, Amherst County (Deceased)
1964  William Frey, Norfolk (Deceased)
1963  J. Herbert Simpson, Portsmouth (Deceased)